Making a Mars Landing at the Cheltenham Badlands

When you visit the Cheltenham Badlands you almost feel as if you've arrived on another planet.  It's described as "a seven-hectare area of exposed iron-rich Queenston Shale bedrock deposited over 445 million years ago." 1 Unfortunately, the badlands were officially closed earlier this year after overuse from visitors and experts say that it won't be re-opening... Continue Reading →

Discovering Ontario…Really???

Yes really!  Ontario, Canada actually has some pretty amazing spots. I know, who knew?!?! I've lived in Ontario all of my life and of course other than our popular "cottage country" Muskoka region, "big city" Toronto, ever impressive "wonder of the world" Niagara Falls and of course our "nation's capital" Ottawa,  I've never really thought... Continue Reading →

Last Day and the Trip Home

Wednesday was our final day in Tofino 😦 We woke up and said goodbye to Natalie and Peter who were heading to Vancouver for a couple nights before heading home to Peterborough.  We decided that since surfing was so awesome and cheap we'd spend our last day doing that.  That evening Amanda and I had... Continue Reading →

Jaimie and Jacob

Tuesday July 26, 2011. Jaimie and Jacob had a beautiful wedding and I was so glad that I was able to share this special day with them. Their wedding ceremony was held in Ucluelet at the Black Rock Oceanfront Resort  in a beautiful room overlooking small cliffs in the Pacific Ocean. The bride looked absolutely... Continue Reading →

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