Hiking the Trails at Mono Cliffs Provincial Park

Located just North of Orangeville, Mono Cliffs Provincial Park has excellent hiking and mountain biking trails.  Varying from hiking on cliffs via the Cliff Top Trail to walking along by marshes and ponds on the Carriage Trail and South Outlier Trail.


The Civic holiday seemed like the perfect day to head west and discover what this park has to offer.  It cost around $14 for a day pass at the main entrance to the park however there were spots on the outskirts of the park where you could park on the side of the road for free and just hike in.  The benefit of using the main entrance however was that washrooms were right there and also picnic tables.

My favorite part of the park (also probably the most popular spot) was the canyon you could walk through on the Spillway Trail.


This park was definitely a great spot to have a picnic and spend the afternoon!

Until my next adventure

♥ JS


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