West Coasting In Vancouver

Visiting friends in other cities, provinces or countries that you've never been to before is probably one of the best things that you can do as a traveller.  Not only do you get to catch up and share some new memories with an old friend but they mostly likely know of all the hot spots... Continue Reading →

We’re Goin’ to Miami!

Watch out Miami!  I'll be heading down to the "Magic City" in late August for a bachelorette party. Aside from relaxing on the beach and soaking up the hot hot heat (and hoping that hurricane season decides to take a break for the 4 days that we're down there), we'll be relaxing poolside at The Angler's http://www.anglershotelmiami.com/... Continue Reading →

Discovering Ontario…Really???

Yes really!  Ontario, Canada actually has some pretty amazing spots. I know, who knew?!?! I've lived in Ontario all of my life and of course other than our popular "cottage country" Muskoka region, "big city" Toronto, ever impressive "wonder of the world" Niagara Falls and of course our "nation's capital" Ottawa,  I've never really thought... Continue Reading →

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