Strolling On the White Sands at Sandbanks – One of Ontario’s Most Beautiful Beaches

For Canada Day this year I decided to escape the usual chaotic city festivities and venture off to Sandbanks Provincial Park. Located on Lake Ontario, it features one of Ontario’s most popular and beautiful beaches.  Although the provincial park has 3 different beaches (Sandbanks Beach, Dunes Beach and Outlet Beach),  Sandbanks Beach boasts some nice white sand, extends almost 11km and is widely known to be a popular spot for swimming and building sandcastles (just watch out for Zebra Mussels, these were lined along areas of the sand).  Despite the cool temperature and cloudy sky it was a great day for wind surfers to catch some waves!

Sandbanks Beach
Sandbanks Beach
Sandbanks Beach

The sand at Outlet beach wasn’t quite as white and fluffy as Sandbanks Beach but had a lot more picnic tables and didn’t have many Zebra Mussels in the sand here.

Outlet Beach
Outlet Beach

Dunes Beach had a great 2.5km trail next to it that allowed you to hike through the sand dunes.  It also wasn’t quite as open as the other two beaches which resulted in less wind and no waves. The sand dunes overlooking the water at the beach was the perfect picnic spot.

Dunes Trail

Until my next Ontario adventure!


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