Surround Yourself in the Beauty of Nature at Awenda Provincial Park


Although I haven’t been hiking at many provincial parks (yet), Awenda Provincial Park is definitely up there on my list of the nicest places to go camping in Ontario.

I camped for 2 nights here and had a great experience.  Check-in was quick and easy, and the park staff were very friendly. The beaches, trails, washrooms, showers and campsites were clean which allowed for a nice relaxing vacation.

The park has many beautiful trails including ones that are lined with trees that let in the perfect amount of sunlight…


and have lots of trilliums.


It also has a gorgeous beach area.



Not to mention the park itself is nice to drive through!

IMG_1062   IMG_1057

Final Tip:

Although the area where it is located, Penetanguishene, may be hard to pronounce, you can always make something up that sounds similar but is easier to say, such as Poon-Tang-Machine.  That way if you’re in a group of people, instead of getting all tongue tied when talking about the area, using a simple nickname will enable everyone to understand where you’re talking about without you trying multiple times to say it correctly.

Till my next trip!


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