Making a Mars Landing at the Cheltenham Badlands


When you visit the Cheltenham Badlands you almost feel as if you’ve arrived on another planet.  It’s described as “a seven-hectare area of exposed iron-rich Queenston Shale bedrock deposited over 445 million years ago.” 1


Unfortunately, the badlands were officially closed earlier this year after overuse from visitors and experts say that it won’t be re-opening for several years.


BUT you can still easily seem them!  The badlands are right beside the road and the fence that has been erected isn’t very high and has been put up right along the edge of the badlands.  The fence really just ensures that people stay off.

The shot below is one I took from the road while the others I took while standing at the fence.


Currently, they have “no stopping” signs all along the road on Old Base Line where the badlands are located.  The only area where you can park is on Creditview which is just south of Old Base Line and from there it’s about a 5-10 minute walk along the side of the road to reach the badlands.IMG_1820

Definitely worth the visit to see something so rare and remarkable in Ontario.

Until my next trip!

♥ JS







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