Beating the Heat at the Elora Quarry


To escape the heat from the latest heat wave we decided to spend the afternoon at the Elora Quarry aka ‘The Ol’ Swimming Hole.”


Costing $6 per adult for entry, it turned out to be a really popular place!

The water may have not been the cleanest, being that it is stagnant water, but the view is pretty amazing.  The quarry is encircled with cliffs that are about 40 feet high!


They also have a nice beach where you can relax and have a picnic.

Tip:  Bring something to float on! This place is perfect for just lounging on the water.


Although they have signs posted everywhere that there is no jumping allowed (guards were posted in certain areas), apparently jumping off the small cliff in the middle of the gorge was ok!  So we took full advantage of that.

Heading into the small town of Elora afterwards was definitely worth it.


They had a really quaint historical area that was lined with tiny shops and boutiques.



There is even a hiking trail that goes along top of the gorge.


One really cool spot we came across was an old abandoned house.



Which made for some really cool pictures!


Will definitely be making another day trip back to this area.

Until my next trip!

♥ JS


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