Last Day and the Trip Home

Wednesday was our final day in Tofino 😦

We woke up and said goodbye to Natalie and Peter who were heading to Vancouver for a couple nights before heading home to Peterborough.  We decided that since surfing was so awesome and cheap we’d spend our last day doing that.  That evening Amanda and I had dinner with 3 guys she met surfing at the Sea Shanty Restaurant in Tofino, pretty good food but not the greatest service.  I think the Shelter restaurant we went to a few nights before set the bar pretty high!

That night we drove out to Ucluelet to spend one final evening with Jaimie before we had to say goodbye.  Jaimie’s family and Jacob’s family rented this huge house right near the place that they had their wedding ceremony.  As soon as we got there we asked for a tour!  We ended up having a nice bonfire on the beach.  Time went pretty quickly and soon afterwards was our tearful goodbye :(.  On our drive back I was driving very slow heading out of Ucluelet trying to figure out how to turn the high beams on, which was a good thing!  Because at one point we looked up to see a mama black bear crossing the road with her 3 baby cubs about 10 feet in front of us.

Thursday we left at 6am and began our drive down to Victoria to catch our flight at 2.  On the way down we stopped to see the other half of Cathedral grove and stopped at a place called “The Old Country Market” aka “Goats on the Roof”.  Literally there are goats on the roof here.  The roof has grass on it and a little hut for the goats to live.  In the picture below you can see a goat laying down to the left of the hut on the roof.

We also stopped here to buy Nanaimo bars to eat in Nanaimo!

We then arrived in Victoria where we returned our car safe and sound (no accidents!) and boarded our plane home.

We all had an amazing trip and it was awesome how we were able to do so much!  It was definitely an incredible experience and I for sure have memories and pictures that will last a lifetime.  It was hard saying goodbye to Jaimie tho it felt like we had just arrived to see her.  But i’m really looking forward to seeing her in a couple months when she visits Ontario.

This may be the end of this trip but I hope to go on another one very very soon, well as soon as the student budget will allow.  Stay Tuned!

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