No Bluffing About It, Scarborough Has a Gem in the GTA


The Scarborough Bluffs are a gem in the GTA.  Having now been there, it’s kind of hard to believe that such a beautiful, natural area exists so close to the largest city in Canada.

If you’re planning a visit to see the bluff’s there are two spots that you must check out.  The first stop is “Scarborough Bluff’s Park,”  this will give you a great view from the top of the bluff’s.

IMG_0970IMG_0973The second stop you must make is “Bluffer’s Park.”  A short hike from the parking lot here, you’ll see the best view from the bottom of the escarpment.

IMG_0985IMG_1006This place also has quite a few picnic tables closer to the parking lot with a great view of Lake Ontario, perfect place for a picnic lunch!

We also saw quite a few people surfing here, if by chance you have a board and want to catch some waves.

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