Hot Hot Springs and Whales!

Monday we took a zodiac to Hot Springs Cove in Maquinna Marine Park, with Remote Passages.  It was about $130 but was definitely worth the money!!  They suited us up in these huge snowsuit like outfits as well as giant yellow rain jackets to keep us warm and dry on the ride there and also protect us incase we... Continue Reading →

Surfing dude, like totally.

Sunday we went surfing!!!!! Jaimie, Natalie and Natalie's friend Peter drove into Tofino early in the morning from Ucluelet to meet up with us. We rented boards and wetsuits from a surf shop called Longboard surf shop.  It was about $15 for a board rental and $15 for a wet suit (wet suit was definitely... Continue Reading →

Ocean Adventures

Saturday morning we woke up at 7:30 am (10:30am ontario time).  We hung out on long beach taking in the beautiful waves and endless stretching sand. On the way back in we stopped at this restuarant called "The Fishermans net" (DON'T EVER GO HERE).  We were in the mood for fish and chips.  We entered into the... Continue Reading →

Discovering Pacific Rim

We woke up bright and early Friday morning, thanks to the 3 hours time difference! We decided we would check out Pacific Rim, the national park between Tofino and Ucluelet.  We went hiking through a bog, a rainforest and on Long Beach.  We visited a cove which for us was perfect timing! The tide was... Continue Reading →

Hello Tofino!!!!

Arrived to Vancouver Island safe and sound! Had a great flight over thanks to Westjet.  We got served complimentary snacks and drinks while being able to watch satellite tv!  Not to mention the amazing views I had out the window.  Soaring above the clouds taking in the amazing mountain scenery as we flew into BC... Continue Reading →


Winterlude!! Every February Ottawa hosts Winterlude.  A winter festival with skating, ice sculptures, snow sculptures, snow slides and culture! They have different places all over Ottawa that you can go check out.  Over in Gatineau, Quebec they have huge snow sculptures and tons of snow slides.  Its more geared towards kids but its still fun... Continue Reading →

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