From Toronto, to Victoria, to Tofino and back again!

It’s official! The trip to BC in July for Jacob and Jaimies wedding is booked!  We’ll be flying into Victoria and driving up to Tofino where we will stay for the week.

Tofino is a very touristy village during the high season  and offers many things to do.  Hiking in the pacific rim is definitely on our to do list.  It boasts a beautiful rainforest and stretching beaches with white sands.




Tofino also has the ever popular whale watching tours and sea kayaking, oh and of course surfing!

I”ve been checking out youtube for some promotional videos that showcase Tofino and I came across this video from Jamie’s Whale Watching Tours.


Although focusing mainly on their whaling business, there are a few nice shots of Tofino and quite a few of the whales that visit the nearby shores of Tofino.  I’ve never been whale watching before but if this is a sneak peak as to what’ll be like when I do go whale watching there in July I definitely have alot to look forward to!

We’ve booked our stay at the Tofino Paddlers Inn.

Which during high season still has some pretty reasonable rates.  For two single beds and one double bed in one room came to about $831 for 7 nights.  As well if you book your flight early you can find somewhat cheaper (yet still expensive) deals.  We booked our flight with Westjet, which luckily for us is non-stop to Victoria with only a short stop in Calgary on the flight back, it was about $631.

We’re still looking for things to check out on the drive from Victoria to Tofino.  One stop is for sure….Cathedral Grove.  Cathedral Grove boasts giant and ancient trees, some more than 800 years old!  Some of the oldest trees in Canada are here, many of which are so big that it takes 10 people standing side -by-side with their arms out stretched  to go around the whole trunk.


Although it is still over 4 months away, I’m getting really excited already!

If you’re looking at travelling to Tofino be sure to check out British Columbia’s, Tofino travel site.


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