Ocean Adventures

Saturday morning we woke up at 7:30 am (10:30am ontario time).  We hung out on long beach taking in the beautiful waves and endless stretching sand. On the way back in we stopped at this restuarant called “The Fishermans net” (DON’T EVER GO HERE).  We were in the mood for fish and chips.  We entered into the joint to discover that the place was completely dead… and it was lunch time.  The service was pretty bad which was similar to the food.

In the afternoon we signed up for a 6-hour sea kayaking trek! We saved 10% since we went with the sea kayaking place that our B&B is above. We left the harbour and paddled up an inlet discovering tons of starfish (ahem) I mean seastars.  According to the kayaking guide we had, seastars don’t have gills and therefore are technically not considered fish so starfish is an incorrect term for them.  As we paddled up the inlet with our two guides and a family of five from Switzerland we came across a scallop farm in the water, while paddling through it we saw jellyfish!! I got some amazing shots of the snow capped mountains in the distance and luckily no one tipped out of their kayaks!

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