Discovering Pacific Rim

We woke up bright and early Friday morning, thanks to the 3 hours time difference!

We decided we would check out Pacific Rim, the national park between Tofino and Ucluelet.  We went hiking through a bog, a rainforest and on Long Beach.  We visited a cove which for us was perfect timing! The tide was out, and guess what we saw among the rocks?? STARFISH!!! Blue, purple, orange.  They were huge!!! I made an attempt with a stick to pull one of them off of the rock so we could hold it, but it’s grip was quite the match for me and the long stick I was using to pry it loose.  However, we got lucky! While walking down the beach one had recently washed up on shore (still alive).  So we got to take some cool pictures with it before I flung it back to its ocean home.  We spent a couple hours further down the beach and had a nice picnic lunch and we all spent alot of time walking in the Pacific Ocean (for the first time!) Which was freeeeezing!!!

For dinner we ended up in Ucluelet at a restaurant called the Floathouse where I had the fish and chips, Amanda had the crab burger and Mike had the halibut burger. mmmmm mmmmm ain’t nothing like yummy fresh seafood!!!

Today we venture out on a 6-hour sea kayaking trip! Hoping to see some seals or maybe if we’re really lucky WHALES!!!!

Tomorrow we meet up with Jaimie!!! Hopefully will do some surfing (in wetsuits of course).

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  1. hello my lovely jue booooooooo! everything sounds wonderful can’t wait to see your pictures, just on the way out to the Apsley Beach very hot here. Looking forward to your next blogxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooooooheart heart your family

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