Hot Hot Springs and Whales!

Monday we took a zodiac to Hot Springs Cove in Maquinna Marine Park, with Remote Passages.  It was about $130 but was definitely worth the money!!  They suited us up in these huge snowsuit like outfits as well as giant yellow rain jackets to keep us warm and dry on the ride there and also protect us incase we fell in the chilly water.

On the way our guide Jay, filled us in on the marine life in the area.  We stopped by an island where there were two bald eagles resting on a branch in one of the trees. After a couple hours we arrived to the park and went on a 2km hike on a boardwalk trail through the rainforest.  Just before we arrived at the springs we passed by a stream that lead to the springs and you could see the steam coming off of it! We arrived at the hot springs to find this ravine with a few different pools in it and a waterfall. It was just like sitting in a hot tub.

After hanging out there for a few hours the guide (Jay) picked us up and took us on a whale watching tour!!  He knew tons of info about whales and the perfect spots to find them.  We saw a grey whale, humpback whale, sea otters, harbor seals, sea lions and a puffin!

It was a really bumpy ride out to find the whales and I was definitely glad when we were back on solid land, sea sickness was not being my friend.  For dinner we went to the pizza joint in town which was pretty good.  That night we went to the only bar in Tofino and saw a band called “Toby”  from Australia, they had a cool neat sound, check em out!

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