Go Fish!

On Monday we headed to Golden Gate Park to visit the California Academy of Sciences, this museum had some pretty awesome exhibits.  The first one we checked out was an earthquake simulator.  We stepped into this mock house that had a big hanging picture frame, books on a shelf as well as dishes and glasses in... Continue Reading →

Winos for a Day

On Sunday we headed about an hour and a half north to Napa Valley aka wine country.  This area has so many wineries and luckily had a warmer temperature that we finally we were able to break out our maxi skirts and skimp it up a bit. We ended up visiting five wineries and started... Continue Reading →

Hooker’s in San Fran

Our first stop of the day was a little place in the Tenderloin district called Hooker's (and no folks we didn't actually see any actual Hookers here) it's actually owned by a guy who apparently was nicknamed Hooker in high school (how he earned this I would like to know - does he have a... Continue Reading →

Hello San Francisco!

Our first day in San Fran started with a delicious homemade breakfast before we headed off to the city for our Alcatraz tour. We were a bit early getting there so we went for a drive through Chinatown and down the zigzaggy Lombard Street. We grabbed the ferry to Alcatraz which was pretty cool as... Continue Reading →

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