Go Fish!

On Monday we headed to Golden Gate Park to visit the California Academy of Sciences, this museum had some pretty awesome exhibits.  The first one we checked out was an earthquake simulator.  We stepped into this mock house that had a big hanging picture frame, books on a shelf as well as dishes and glasses in a cabinet. While holding onto a handrail we first experienced the house (and everything in it) shaking at a 6.9 on the Richter scale (San Francisco experienced this magnitude in the 1989 earthquake) and the second was a 7.8 (experienced in the 1906 earthquake, which is pretty crazy because this quake actually lasted 90 seconds in real life).  We next visited the “swamp” area to see the albino gator and then headed down to the aquarium.



The last couple of exhibits to see there was the grass roof and the rainforest that was in a giant glass dome.


Andddddd we grabbed a cheesy photo on the way out….


For dinner that evening we had another really yummy homemade meal.  This one was a blackened salmon oscar with asparagus, crab and hollandaise sauce along with wild rice, broccoli and a caesar salad that had hard boiled eggs and bacon. This was of course paired with some delicious wine, an Artesa Pinot Noir and a Katherine Hall Cabernet Sauvignon. Not bad for my last San Fran dinner!


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