No Mooning Allowed at Half Moon Bay

I can’t believe it but the last day of vacation has arrived. Our last excursion before I boarded my flight was to head down to Half Moon Bay to walk along the beach and grab lunch.

Here a certain turkey had a ball jumping into the water (for a whole 5 seconds), we also discovered a washed up jellyfish and saw a whale doing some flips just a ways out from shore.


For lunch we drove down the coast a bit to Sam’s Chowder House (where obviously we ordered some chowder) and enjoyed some yummy crab cakes, ahi poke (raw tuna) and calamari.


After leaving the restaurant we made a quick stop at a beach in an area known a Paradiso which was well worth it because just out past a group of surfers we saw some dolphins!


Anddddd that’s all she wrote on this one folks.

A huge HUGE thank you to Lorna and Chris (aka UCF) for being such awesome hosts and showing us all the sights and sounds of San Fran, it was a great trip!

Now I can reset my countdown app for New York!

Until my next trip!

❤  JS

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