Winos for a Day

On Sunday we headed about an hour and a half north to Napa Valley aka wine country.  This area has so many wineries and luckily had a warmer temperature that we finally we were able to break out our maxi skirts and skimp it up a bit. image We ended up visiting five wineries and started wine tasting when we got to Napa at 10am.  At each winery they give you about 4-6 tasting samples.  You get to pick which kinds to try from a menu and then they fill a glass with about an ounce of that kind of wine for you to try.  The first winery we visited was called Artesa, this was probably the most up-scale looking one from the outside that we went to and it also had a great view. image   image Next stop was Provence Vineyards where we fell in love with a delicious 2010 Malbec wine (wine purchase #1). image image    Third stop was a winery named Raymond, this winery had a very upscale look with crystal chandeliers on one side and a classic, more distinguished look on the other side. image   image Photo credit: Amanda Smith image Photo credit: Amanda Smith

By this point we had enough tastings equal to the equivalent of a few glasses of wine so we decided to take a break and grab some food at a nearby restaurant.  We headed over to a place called Redd Wood where we had some delicious salads, a meat and cheese platter and a couple wood fired pizzas.

Onward to winery #4! Here we headed to a little place called Beau Vigne where I found another delicious bottle to purchase, this one is a mix of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. image Our fifth and final winery to visit was a nice place called Hestans.  This is the only place where we ended up having to pay for our wine tasting.  All wineries usually charge $20-$30 for you to do a tasting but luckily for us Amanda’s aunt an uncle are members at 3 of the wineries (members and their guests get to sample wine for free) and the 4th winery waved the fees because we each ended up buying a bottle and the dude serving us was pretty cool.

Such an amazing day in Napa Valley! image Photo credit: Amanda Smith

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