Hooker’s in San Fran

Our first stop of the day was a little place in the Tenderloin district called Hooker’s (and no folks we didn’t actually see any actual Hookers here) it’s actually owned by a guy who apparently was nicknamed Hooker in high school (how he earned this I would like to know – does he have a hook for a hand? Did he hook people in hockey games?). This cute little sweet shop is well known for their delicious squares so we picked some up and then headed over to Alamo Square to see the Painted Ladies (also the Full House house).imageimageimage

Next we headed on down to an area known as Outer Sunset to pick up some yummy pastries for breakfast the next day.   This place was called Devil’s Teeth and had delicious grilled cheese sandwiches! While waiting on our grilled cheese we got talking to this lady who was there with her family. She was saying that everyone she meets she’s asking for them to drum on something at 11am Sunday morning for 11 minutes to bring on the rain! It was pretty crazy hearing that it hasn’t rained in San Francisco since April!


From here we headed down to the coast to put our feet in the Pacific Ocean at Ocean beach.


The water was pretty chilly and if by chance you’re wondering why we aren’t wearing tank tops and shorts well the weather isn’t as hot here as you think or as I thought it would be.  Being that San Fran is right on the coast cool winds come right off the water and with the mostly overcast skies the temperature here ends up ranging in the low twenties.  I made the mistake of wearing shorts to Alcatraz yesterday and froze my buns off!

Next stop….the Golden Gate Bridge!



Unfortunately the traffic was so bad that after about 45 minutes of waiting to get to the bridge (and of course after stopping to grab some pretty great pictures) we bailed on that mission and headed over to The Elbo Room in an area known as Mission.  Here you walk into a really classic 1920s style bar where they have really good cocktails.



Photo credit: Amanda Smith

After cooling our heels there for a bit we stopped at a little grocery store called BI-RITE to grab some ice cream for dessert that evening.


Another great thing about this trip is that Amanda’s uncle is a really really good cook.  For dinner this evening we had Moscow Mules to start (ginger vodka with ginger beer and lime) then we ate double cut lamb chops along with pan roasted brussels sprouts with bacon and parmesan cheese, corn on the cob, parisian potatoes and three different kinds of red wine (a Sonoma Shiraz, a Mclaren Vale Shiraz from Australia and a Merlot from Napa Valley).  Dessert included some squares that we picked up from Hookers that day and ice cream (I’m definitely gaining at least 10 pounds on this trip).



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