Walked Until Our Feet Fell Off

Friday morning began very early with free breaky at the hostel followed by a brisk 45 minute walk from the hostel to a little neighbourhood called Georgetown.  The houses in this part of Washington are super nice and really old, some were even lined on cobblestone streets with old street car tracks in them.




It was in this neighbourhood that I needed to go to pick up my race kit for Sunday.  On the way we popped by the Nike store to buy some official race swag.  On the side of the building they had the name of everyone who was going to be running in the race.

IMG_0451 IMG_0449









After picking up my race kit at the Nike expo we headed up the main street in Georgetown which was lined with really quaint looking buildings and shops.  We walked far enough that we ended up at Georgetown University,  a huge campus with grand, beautiful old buildings.


For lunch we walked all the walk back East about an hour to F street/6th Street N  for some gluten free pizza at ‘Fuel’ Pizza and Wings.  Who knew gluten free pizza was so delicious!

IMG_0460 IMG_0459

Afterwards we headed on over to the National Archives, however when we got there there was a huge line that looked at least an hour or two long.  So instead of hanging out waiting we decided to head over  to one of the Smithsonian museums, this one held  ‘African Art.’  This one was really interesting, it had all different kinds of masks and different tribal costumes, jewellery, weapons and art.

After so much walking we headed back to the hostel to cool our heels and escape the downpour that had just started.  To ease our sore feet we decided on a low key night and decided to walk to the nearby Wal-Mart….

Warning: Do not go East past 2nd street if you do not need to.  Sketch city!

The Wal-Mart had security guards posted at the entrance and exists, definitely a different scene then back home.

On another note, who knew you could purchase alcohol at a Wal-Mart in the states!?

For dinner we headed to a delicious little joint (oh yes gluten free options are here too) called ‘District Taco’ which originally used to be a food truck but I guess they’re so awesome they’ve since put up a few store locations around the city.


Lucky for us on the short walk back to our hostel we stumbled upon the Ford theatre (the location where Lincoln was shot).




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