Travel, travel, travel.

We all have at least one amazing place in mind that we’d love to eventually travel to,  a place we have never actually been to but only ever dreamed about.  Well for me it’s not just one place, but MANY!!!!  France, Italy, Peru,China you name it.  One thing that I really want to do with my blog is to use it as a tool when I (eventually) travel so that I let everyone know back home what I’m doing.  I think it’s also a good idea so that I can look back on it later too.

The first time I ever travelled was to Quardalavaca, Cuba in 2008.  I stayed at a really nice 3-star resort that was right on the Caribbean sea.  

White sands and blue water! paradise!!

Where is my next travel destination you ask..

Vancouver Island, British Columbia in July 2011.  

Jaimie Walker, one of my dearest friends is getting married this summer in Tofino, BC.  A flight into Victoria and an adventurous road trip up Vancouver Island to Tofino is the plan!  With a stop at cathedral grove of course.  Whale watching, surfing, hiking and sight-seeing.  This is sure to be one of my most exciting trips yet!

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