Introducing Packarella (ella ella)

Introducing my own first ever, official, "backpacking backpack," which I've dubbed "Packarella" ("packy" for short). Just incase the title of this post got "Umbrella" in your head..  . I got this beauty from Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) on King Street in Toronto.  They had a huge selection of packs but I decided to go with... Continue Reading →

Adventure 2012

Okay so I may have only been back from my trip about 2ish weeks and yes you may find it a bit ridiculous that I'm already thinking about my NEXT trip.  But it sure as heck is happening.  My next trip, hopefully happening in approx.  1 year (who knows, maybe sooner!) from now is pretty... Continue Reading →

Travel, travel, travel.

We all have at least one amazing place in mind that we'd love to eventually travel to,  a place we have never actually been to but only ever dreamed about.  Well for me it's not just one place, but MANY!!!!  France, Italy, Peru,China you name it.  One thing that I really want to do with... Continue Reading →

My first official blog ever!

Well this is it! I have finally joined the blogging world!  I started this blog as a requirement for one of my classes as a first assignment, but I must say I have sort of been wanting to start a blog of my own for quite sometime.  Truth be told though, the thing that has... Continue Reading →

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