Life’s a Beach at Long Point Provincial Park

May 2-4 weekend we adventured down to one of the 4th oldest provincial parks in Ontario, Long Point Provincial Park.  Nestled on Lake Erie, it was about a 2.5 hour drive southwest of Toronto.

This park is known for it’s 1.5km long beach, which if you’re going outside the park boundaries is much longer!  There are no hiking trails within the park itself so strolling up and down the beach is recommended (you will find many a treasure that has washed up on shore)!  You can go as far as the start of people’s property at one end to a mass of no trespassing signs at the other end (I feel like they need some more signs here).

There are a variety of camping spots within the park itself, from trailer sites to regular sites and premium sites, the latter of which are located within the sand dunes which is right by the beach.

Our camp site was literally 25 paces from the beach.  A bit sandy, but was definitely a unique experience.

Note: When camping on May long weekends, always pack for all types of weather (ie. from 5 degrees celsius to 30 degrees celsius, to rainy weather and windy weather).

Overall, it would’ve been nice if there were hiking trails within the park itself, however it was a great park with an amazing beach.  Perfect if you’re looking for a lazy and relaxing vacation, just chillin’ on a beach.

❤ JS



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