One Final Day in Paradise

After getting dropped off in Placencia we first headed to our hotel to drop off our bags.  It was a bit of a walk from the main stretch of the town yet the price couldn’t have been any better.  Despite having A/C, it only cost us $30 US each to stay here for 2 nights in a 3 person room.


That evening we met up with some of the travellers that we met on our sailing tour for dinner at a place called Omar’s. They didn’t serve alcohol here but it was BYOB so you could run over to the convenience store to grab some drinks to have with dinner.


Our last and final day of the trip was spent relaxing on the beach and exploring this quaint little beach town.  We had breakfast (fresh juices and bread) at this cool coffee shop that reminded me of a treehouse.



Our last day was a hot hot HOT day, around 34 degrees celsius.  After relaxing on the beach in the shade we headed to a place called Dawn’s for lunch.  I ordered the fried snapper and was pretty surprised when I got my meal and there was a fish head on my plate (one of the creepiest things I’ve ever had to eat – perhaps I should start eating more exotic foods).



That evening we ended up buying some cheap beers at a convenience store and took them to the beach.

The next morning Candace and Megan left early to grab a bus to their next destination.  My flight wasn’t until later in the morning so I walked around and snapped some last minute photos.  I stopped into a little place on the long sidewalk in town called “Sweet Dreams” for a fresh made cinnamon roll followed up by another visit to the “Above Grounds Coffee House” for a fresh juice.


I decided to take a small flight to get to Belize City from Placencia and am I ever glad that I did!  While walking out the door to the plane, one of the workers asked if I wanted to be co-pilot.  Such a cool experience!  I was able to sit right up in the cockpit beside the pilot.



anddddddd that’s all she wrote on this one.  Vacation’s always go by so fast….

However Iceland is coming up fast which I am REALLY looking forward to.

Stay tuned for my bloggin’ adventures in the land of fire and ice.

Until my next trip!

❤ JS

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