The Sun Sets in Tamarindo

Tuesday morning we had breakfast at “The Bakery” before our long 5 hour drive to our final destination on the trip, our return to Tamarindo.  The second half of the afternoon was spent souvenir shopping with dinner at “Bamboo Sushi Club.”  The sushi here isn’t anything special but the decor sure is!  To enter the restaurant you cross a wooden bridge through a rock tunnel that has water flowing down the sides.  You then walk into an open oasis with trees and tables under a wooden canopy with hanging lanterns. Niceeeeeee!

Wednesday began with some surfing where we were able to rent boards for $8 US for 2 hours.  Unfortunately there were zero waves today so the time spent attempting to surf didn’t last too long for us. Feeling like we needed some americanized food we hit up Subway for lunch.

In the afternoon we took a 5 hour catamaran trip (a.k.a party boat) where we went snorkelling and swimming about an hour away from the coast of Tamarindo.



One of the tour operators caught a tiny octopus which we had the chance to hold!

octo                                       octy

… and the trip ended with a beautiful sunset!


That night we had our very last group dinner at the restaurant we visited the first time we were in Tamarindo, “Chillers.”  It was sad to say good-bye to everyone, we had so much fun over the past two weeks!

The tour group I went with was amazing! They definitely picked the best spots in Costa Rica (minus Arenal) and we had many chances to experience places that any other tour group might not get the chance to.  After a 15 hour travel return, experiencing every type of transportation (plane, train, bus), I am already beginning to plan my next trip…. Thailand!??!

Until my next trip!

❤ JS


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