Ain’t No Worries When You’re in Costa Rica!

Wednesday we headed to Manuel Antonio National Park.  For a $10 US entrance fee we were able to hike a few different trails with amazing viewpoints as well as swim in a couple of the beaches there.  The main beach is by far one of the nicest beaches that I’ve seen so far in Costa Rica with blue water and white sands, Hello Paradise!


If you’re heading there just a heads up racoons were scouring the beach and getting into peoples bags trying to find food so hide your bags and hide your food!  For lunch we headed to “Funky Monkey Bar & Grill” and had fish tacos yum yum yum.


Thursday we left early and headed about an hour away to a little town called “Jaco.”  From here we took an hour long speedboat ride to get to Montezuma.


We’re staying at “Los Mangos” hotel.  Watch out for monkeys, you can see them hanging above in the trees and grabbing the mangoes.  We were warned when we got here that some may tend to throw mangos at you, so in other words watch out for flying mangoes.  The hotel is really nice here although there isn’t air conditioning and there is also no glass in the windows of the hotel room, just a screen, but it makes for a peaceful sound when going to sleep since you can hear the waves crashing against the shore.  The hotel has that “hidden in the forest” appeal since there are tons of mango trees all over the grounds, there is also an amazing view of the ocean from the hotel pool and a yoga studio here.

mangoes                                                      monkaloomangooo

For lunch we ate at “Soda Monte Sol,” a restaurant right in the middle of town where we had frosty, freshly made iced tea and yummy meat and sauce casados for $7 US.  After lunch we explored the town, there are alot of street artists here that are selling their handmade jewelry right in town, going to attempt to barter with them tomorrow to snag some pretty new accessories.

P1040082                                     P1040084


After spending the afternoon lounging by the pool, we went for dinner at “Tengoku Sushi.” The great part about this spot is that they have the traditional type of sushi rolls that you can get at just about any sushi place but also their own sushi roll creations such as the yummy “The Montezuma.”  The owner and chef at this restaurant is a really great hospitable guy too!  That evening we headed to Chico’s bar, pretty much the only hot spot at night here.  We were able to grab some drinks beforehand at the grocery store and just hang out on the street watching the fire show that some locals put on around 10pm.

sushi                      chicos

Friday was our excursion to Tortuga Island.  We started the day off right with breakfast at “El Saho Banano,”  I highly recommend the Homemade Banana Pancakes, delish!  “Zuma Tours” were our guides for the day and they took us on a 45 min speed boat ride to get to the island, stopping at a couple picturesque places along the way so that we could get some good pictures of the area!  Once we arrived at the island they took us took to a couple spots further out from shore where we were able to snorkel and see all different kinds of tropical fish.  They provided us with a very yummy bbqed lunch and we had the afternoon to just be lazy and relax on the beach.


fish                fishies

Tomorrow we head to the waterfall here and then take a 45 min drive to our 5th spot Mal Pais!

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