New York, New York!

Finally! I’m travelling again! This time to the big apple, New York!!!

Now to get into a “New York” state of mind…

Lucky for us we’ll be snagging a free ride down so no hitchhiking or sweating it out on a 10 hour bus ride for us.  We’ll be staying at The Red Roof Inn, Secaucus, New Jersey to save on some mula and then bussing it to downtown New York each day.

For the first time ever I bought a travel book, this one is Eyewitness News “New York”.  I like this one not only because it has New York sectioned into all of its most popular n’ famous areas but they also squished in as many photos as possible so I can see the sites before I go there! A little helpful (or really helpful) to have a visual rather than just an address.

Less than 2 months until travel time! The crossing off of the days on my calendar has begun and possibly the incessant playing of this song…

 Stay Tuned!

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